books: married jackets

So a while back I picked up a signed copy of Scott O'Dell's classic childrens book Sing Down the Moon.  A first edition, the book itself was in pretty good shape but the jacket was a hot mess, missing big chunks at the spine ends and tips and generally frayed and shelfworn.  But it's a book I'd never even seen in hardcover before, so I was glad to have it and a partial DJ is better than none at all.

Yesterday while scrounging through a couple of thrift stores one of the ladies who appreciates the sheer volume of books I buy from them invited me into the 'back room' to check out books that hadn't been put out yet.


Found some good stuff, mostly for the shop, but the oddest thing was.....another copy of Sing Down the Moon.  Also a first edition...not signed, but in a quite nice DJ that is a giant upgrade over the ratty one on my signed copy.

What I can do now is 'marry' the clean DJ to the signed copy, essentially doubling its estimated value from $30 to $60 or so.

Weird how books work.  You go a whole career without even seeing a book, then in the space of a few weeks come across a signed copy, then another 1st edition in a very clean DJ.

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