More Than a Feeling

With his mama away meeting a baby in Boston, we're Batching it up this week.

Which was cool with Fuss earlier when we got home- he ran up the stairs shouting "It's just us boys, WOOOO!" then demanded milk and graham crackers for dinner.

But way less cool when bed time rolled around.

After reading a few books and fending off dozens of wiley delaying tactics, I had him settling down.
"Dada, it feels weird without Mama here."
I tried distracting him with the offer of her pillow, which he usually covets and purloins on the regular.
He was disinterested- "no, I already have my squishy pillow."
This is so out of character I nearly took his temperature.
"Mama gives me all the love, I'm worried I won't get enough love while she's gone," he mused in the dark.
This is the sort of thing he never tells anyone except under duress.
"I'll try and give you the Mama love too," I say.

I ended up calling in Coodgie from the Cozy Friends bullpen.
He isn't in heavy rotation any more, but Fuss hasn't grown out of him quite yet.
I'm glad a stuffed bear can still act as emotional backup, I can use the help.

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Cheyenne Sanders said...

Aww so cute. You must have had a awesome boys day lol.