Great Kung Fu Movies on Netflix

I got into a FB discussion of great martial arts films with my friends Tyrone & Brian earlier, noted that their top 10's had some stuff I hadn't seen and decided to check Netflix (which has added a ton of pacific rim content over the last few years).

My old Best ______ On Netflix Streaming posts are consistently my most read, so here's an early Throwback Thursday post: the best Kung Fu movies on Netflix Streaming.   A couple of these I haven't seen, but you can trust my pals- their genre knowledge is wide and deep.  In lieu of my traditional capsule review I'm posting trailers, which have become far more prevalent since the last time I worked up one of these posts.  If it made the cut, I liked it or someone I trust liked it.

Apologies for the heavy 90's flavor of this list, but that's what Netflix has.


Fist of Legend

13 Assassins
(okay not kung fu, but.....too epic to skip)

Ip Man

Flash Point

Wing Chun

Iron Monkey

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

House of Flying Daggers

Shaolin Soccer

The Kid with the Golden Arm

Shaolin Martial Arts

Heroic Trio
(not entirely kung fu, but BONKERS and GENIUS)


The Big Boss
(not great Bruce Lee, but Bruce Lee regardless)

Not exhaustive, but should get you started and there are a lot of GREAT movies there.


Moorlock said...

That was a terrible tease to lead with the Seven Blows poster...

baxie said...

the 70's are horribly underrepresented on Netflix.