true customer tales: heart of hearts

Grabbed my coffee this AM, returned to the store to our valued regular George sitting on the stoop surrounded by a dozen-ish restive five year olds and their two adult minders.

I settle in and the first buy of the day is a darty-eyed, skinny gal dressed in business casual, not obviously crazy, who set down her bag of books and launched into this soliloquy:

Hi, I need twenty dollars, and I believe in my heart of hearts that the books in this bag are worth twenty dollars?  If you buy these books for twenty dollars you will be saving my life.

The books, of course, were junk.
I found a couple I could sort of justify buying and offered four, which she accepted with an eye roll and prolonged, sarcastic "Greaaaaaaaaaaat."

Which is why you should never talk yourself into a buy, or weigh the influence of any factor aside from the quality of the books.  Those, you can count on...the people selling them, not so much.


That Which is I said...

"twenty dollars....saving my life" - that should be enough to remove her from the 'not obviously crazy' category ;)

That Which is I said...

uh...that was me...


baxie said...

people usually keep it simpler, like "I need gas money to get back home over the grade." I've lost count of how many times I've heard that one.