they might be giants

Not the band, a forgotten 70's flick  I searched for for years before Netflix spit out out into my 'recommended' queue this morning.

I don't know if it's actually good.
I saw it in the theater- mom took me to everything she wanted to see until I was old enough to leave alone.  The Oscar for Most Inappropriate Film to Show A Small Child  is shared by The Exorcist & The Godfather.  The Exorcist didn't leave any lasting marks, but several scenes from The Godfather lingered in the depths off my subconscious like glowing anglerfish.  I shorted out their origin somehow- the sense of deja vu when I saw the movie as a teenager wallowing in the VHS revolution was overwhelming.

Strange that band I listened to for years appropriated the name and I never knew.
Nowadays I'd probably have discovered it on Wikipedia- such were the vicissitudes of the pre-internet life.

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Or if you are looking for lighter fare this just became available for streaming: