fuss: dock of the bay

Among many noteworthy pronouncements today, this was my favorite.
As we drove along the coast toward Morro Bay, Fuss noticed the tide was out.

"Dada look!  The water vanished and turned into MUD!"

This prompted a discussion of tides, which he considered for a good while before coming back with

"Dada, that sounds very complicated."

Later, at the Boat Park on as idyllic an afternoon as I've ever experienced, let alone in early March, he was having a great time playing with a little girl a few years older than him named Catalina.  They were pirates for a while, then crab hunters, and finally they were building volcano castles in the sand with a couple of sticks and a plastic spoon salvaged from the picnic area.

At some point another mom with a son about Fuss' age showed up,  Catalina jumped him into their pirate crew, then went back to playing in the sand with Fuss.  The little boy was super enthusiastic that she'd made him Pirate Captain and was standing by the wheel of the 'ship', explaining how it worked to his mom.
Fuss, never taking his eye off the delicate work of constructing volcano castles, noted loudly

"Hey Boy....it's not a real pirate ship."

Like father, like son!

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