Netflix Summary Fail: A Clockwork Orange

pulled from the streaming menu:

A teenage miscreant wanders aimlessly amid a bleak, futuristic urban landscape, drinking drugged milk and listening to Beethoven with his fellow "droogs."

I dare anyone to come up with a less appealing (yet still factually accurate) summary.


Moorlock said...

Gone With the Wind: A love-lorn woman and her obstretrically-overconfident sidekick fight for their home in a war-ravaged countryside.

Apocalypse Now: "Surf's Up" in this nostalgic 1960s period piece.

The Wizard of Oz: A young girl suffers strange hallucinations after being hit on the head while trying to rescue her dog.

Collin said...

(found this post via David Gross on Facebook, thought I'd contribute!)

The Shining:
A family man sets out to write the Great American Novel while looking after a Colorado hotel.

Hotel Rwanda:
A local hotel manager faces tough decisions when his business is threatened. Set in Africa.

The Silence of the Lambs:
An FBI trainee and a merciless cannibal team up to catch the bad guy in director Jonathan Demme's unique take on the classic "buddy cop" movie.

Dreaderick said...

"Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again."