White privilege is me being able to watch events in Ferguson with horror, with empathy, with anger and disgust, but without concern that what happened to Mike Brown (or Trayvon Martin, or that 12 year old with the Airsoft gun in Cleveland, or etc etc etc etc ETC) will ever happen to my son, because my son is white, and being white is the finest armor against official misfortune our society offers.

(For anyone who rankles at the term 'white privilege', allow me to offer an alternative courtesy of the excellent SF writer and blogger John Scalzi, who aptly framed it in video game terms:  Straight White Male: the Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is.)

One of Twitter's great strengths is giving outsiders a seat at the community table if they care to pull up a chair, and I follow a number of people who aren't shielded from Ferguson's conclusions by a lucky accident of birth.  Their conclusions and observations are the ones that should be driving the public narrative but are mostly overlooked.
Rather than compile a bunch of their tweets and links, I'll just say follow these folks:

Imani Gandy:
Roxane Gay:  
Tressie McMillan Cottom:
Elon James White:
Jamelle Bouie:
Baratunde Thurston:
Jelani Cobb:
Ta-Nehisi Coates:  

They'll open the door to another place.

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