fuss: a rainy day

On Wednesday during one of our miserly yearly ration of rainy days I took Fuss out puddle jumping, and once Dada acquiesced to the inevitability of head to toe soaking & mud up to the armpits we had a fine time.

I'm ambivalent about my 'smartphone'-- it's a professional necessity and invaluable tool for scrounging, but also portable black hole, a hungry portal to an alternate dimension from which dissolution is the only escape.  But it's a wonder for situations like this- the camera stinks, but it takes a passable snapshot and as a man once said, "the best camera is the one that's with you".

I purposefully eschewed taking a picture of last night's incredible neon pink sunset, refusing to damn the natural wonder of it with faint digital praise, but for small, human scale memories like this it works well.

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