Huell Howser, RIP

Farewell, Huell.

In the dim pre-Roku times, when we lived in a cable-free three room bungalow and foraged for our televised entertainment like savages, Huell was always a welcome discovery.   His palpable delight at illuminating offbeat corners of the state and the enthusiasm with which he shared his discoveries enlivened many an evening on the couch, and we'll miss him.

My co-worker shares this anecdote of the time she sold him a book:

He looked at me and said, "You mean people come in and give you books in exchange for other books?" He sounded just like he did on his show!

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Good Enough Woman said...

We watched Huell every night when Billy was pre-school age. It was the best show on TV for him: bugs, trains, art made out of lint . . . amazing! Loved him. I would have thought he was too strong and awestruck to die.