The Holiday Feast

Did our shopping for the Christmas gathering last night, hat tip to the New Frontiers cheese & deli counters.
Breakfast was already covered- I'm making Overnight Waffles from Mark Bittman's indispensible How to Cook Everything.  Fair warning- the crispy delight of a yeasted waffle will ruin you for any other sort.  They'll be abetted by a toppings bar with various dried fruits & chopped nuts, washed down by lattes and mimosas of fresh squeezed OJ.

In the past we've done elaborate themed dinners, but this year we've opted to maximize our relaxation and socializing by going with a grand meat & cheese platter on the sideboard, abetted by various crackers, loaves & flatbreads.   Last night's selections were Cowgirl Creamery's delectable Mt. Tam, a Rouge et Noir brie and a wedge of Cypress Grove Midnight Moon, a hard goat cheese chosen with scientific rigor- cousin Fiend's declaration that it smelled "delicious".

A half pound of their finest Italian salami & a healthy portion of dry cured rosemary ham rounded out our purchases.  Along with several pounds of fabulous Boudin Blanc sausages & balsamic vinegar sent along by friends in Boston, we'll be well provisioned for the day.

Crusty loaves will be picked up on Christmas Eve, and then....oh, then!

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