fuss: squirrel stew

An exchange we had driving back from town:

"Dada, did you know I know the plan for Squirrel Stew?"

"I didn't know that- what's the plan?"

"Uh, Dada.....do you know what's IN Squirrel Stew?"

"No, what?"


We jawed about various other things for a while, then it came back around.

"Dada, you know what else is in Squirrel Stew?"
"What else, Fuss?"

Earlier we played at a park we'd never visited before.
It had a kid sized picnic table where we rested after our explorations.  Fuss lay across it and sighed deeply, staring up at the trees.

"Dada, I like the sound the wind makes in the leaves."
"Me too."
"It sounds like the trees clapping."

That's my boy.

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