fuss: more fuss!

The Wife picked up some holiday hours at the herb store, so Fuss & I were together nearly every waking moment on my days off, so I have plenty of Fuss tales.

He loves driving past the horse ranch and yesterday there was a good sized herd of them crowding the hiking trail up the mountain.

"Dada, imagine you were walking up the hill and there was a HORSE in your way!  You'd have to duck underneath its NIGH-NIGHTS!"    Nigh-Nights being Fuss speak for 'breasts'.

We chortled over that for a bit, then he came back with

"And Dada...if it was a BOY horse you'd have to duck underneath its WINKY!"

Which he thought was quite the funniest thing he'd said all day.

Last week when it was raining we were out looking for puddles to jump in.  He stopped and stared at raindrops splashing down into one and noted "Look, Dada...they look like the Target sign!"

While Target being one of his favorite places on earth doesn't necessarily thrill me, I keep in mind this is the world he lives in.  I'm not hardcore enough to enforce a hermetic non-corporate lifestyle, and am not sure how much good it would do in the end anyway.

And we all knew the weird kid at school who's parents wouldn't let them watch teevee- being a huge, smart, left handed redhead with a decidedly offbeat sense of humor he's already rowing uphill.
Not sure I'd add 'pop culture illiterate' to that mix even if I could.

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