fuss: Christmas pt 1

Meek picked up a dainty Christmas tree for the commune yesterday, signalling the official start of the Christmas season.

After it was up, lit and decorated he'd periodically wander over to inspect the miese.

He prefaced one of these inspections by saying "Uh guys?  I'm going over here to check out the Christmas tree...I just want to make sure all the ornaments are on schedule!"

This morning his first statement as he popped out of bed was "I'm going to see if the Christmas tree is still there."   He toddled back a minute later, noting conversationally "Yep, it's still there."

As I was getting breakfast ready he asked me to turn on Crackling Fireplace, which comes with two options- natural fireplace sounds or cheesy synthesizer Christmas music accompaniment.  He wanted me to put on the music, which like all right thinking adults I despise wholeheartedly.

"Fuss, the music is terrible." I complained.
"Dada....just put it on, and I'll listen for a while and then say OH, THIS IS TERRIBLE!"

So I put it on and the maudlin sounds of the Casio keyboard filled the living room.

Fuss cocked an ear, and after a bit stated

"Dada, it's not terrible, it sounds JOLLY!"

So I was stuck with it for the rest of the morning.

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