true fuss jokes: a scary joke

The past few days we play this game where Fuss finds a book and then we take turns reading "jokes" out of it- usually a couple of nonsense words held together by a structural connector- a sample would be "Hey Dada, did you know that Flogleslippers used to live in MOGLEZIPPERS?"

Tonight's first joke book was a copy of Positive Discipline.
He advance, waving it at my title out, saying "look dada, here's a funny joke book!"
Grimly appropriate!

After we'd exhausted that one he picked up a copy of Joe Abercrombie's Before They Were Hanged.

"Hey Dada, this one's a scary joke book!"

"Okay, tell me a scary joke."

"Hey Dada....Why Couldn't the Vampire Sleep in a Bed?"

"I don't know, why?"

Long pause.

"Because it was TOO FAT!  Hahahahahahahahah!"

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