Twitter Trending Watch: #lessambitiousrocksongs

It's been a while since a trending topic amused me, but I'm greatly enjoying #lessambitiousrocksongs
A sampling:

Money for Something Trivial
You've Got to File a Petition for the Proper Zoning Permits to Party
Jenny's Got a Restraining Order
Might Get Fooled Again
Peaceful Sit-In in the UK
There's At Least One Mountain High Enough
Mood Disorder Train
I Want to Play Rock Band All Night, and Then Sleep Through Work Tomorrow
there is a lamp and it occasionally flickers
Pour Some Stevia On Me
Smoking In The Designated Area 200ft Outside The Boys Room
We Built This 60-Unit Condominium Development on Rock & Roll
One Bourbon, But No Scotch Or Beer
we are the runners up
Strawberry Fields While Supplies Last

and one for my boxing peeps-

Mama Said Defeat You By Split Decision

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