Best of Netflix Watch Instantly, Documentaries: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

The latest film from one of my favorite human beings just showed up on streaming.
I'm a little pissed, because it's the only 3d movie I've ever cared about seeing in 3d...so of course the lone local showing was 2d.  

But, Werner's documentaries are never less than fascinating so I'll swallow my disappointment and recommend it anyway.  

The only other doc of his on streaming is Encounters at the End of the World, an engaging film with a couple of amazing scenes.  I'm a sucker for his voice overs, so take my recommendation here with a grain of salt- the Wife was less enthralled than I.  But it's worth a watch if for nothing else than Werner musing on the futility of existence while watching a Penguin waddle off alone into the arctic wastes to die.  Not a major work, but I dig it.

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