fuss: words of wisdom

The first Friday of the school year began inauspiciously.
Fuss was fractious and unhappy, chanting "I don't wanna go to school!" from the sound of the alarm until the slam of the car door outside his class.

This meant an uneasy afternoon of second guessing and bleak academic flashbacks for yours truly.  

Then I picked him up and he was bubbly with enthusiasm.
"Dada, you know how I didn't want to go to school this morning?  In class today I raised my hand and told Ms. Berglund 'I think I'm going to *like* school!"
"Oh, really." 
"Yeah!  Dada, you know, school is for fun, not TORTURE."

Good to know.

I offered to take him anywhere he wanted for lunch as first week prize, but he just wanted to go home.  I stopped by the store to pick up a few things on the way and he chose a bubblegum flavored lollipop as his reward.  He loves blinking coupon dispensers and after pulling loose a 20% off Toothpaste coupon declared "dada, I think this is an AD EXPERIENCE for toothpaste."

"You're right, Fuss,  That's exactly what it is."

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