food: THEEEE Best Guacamole

This morning a friend made some indefensible statements regarding the composition of guacamole.
This is my necessary rebuttal.


Step 1:  Get yourself a good Molcajete, a rough stone mortar & pestle.  The bigger, the better- you can easily make small batches in a large one, vice versa not so much.

Step 2: collect your ingredients- three or four avocados,  salt to taste (start with 1/4 tsp), a lime & one clove of garlic.

Step 3: peel the garlic clove, toss in mocajete, add salt & grind into a paste.  Halve & pit the avocados, scoop into molcajete, smash well with pestle.  Don't over-work it, you want a rough texture with plenty of chunks.   Halve lime, squeeze one half into mixture & stir.  Taste, adjust seasoning. enjoy.

Good avocados do not need adulterating with crema, salsa, diced tomatoes or onions, or any of the other stuff restaurants used to bulk up their guacamole because it's all cheaper than avocados.  Pure avocado essence is what becomes guacamole most.

The clove of garlic is absolutely essential- it's like the pinch of salt in the birthday cake.  The amount seems inconsequential, but forget it and the whole enterprise goes south.

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