Best Peter O'Toole Films On Streaming #RIP

The firmament of cinema dims with the passing of Peter O'Toole, who was a great star and also a great actor, which do not always go hand in hand.

Instant celebration of his career is available online, although pickings are a bit slim.
Of the films offered I can recommend
Becket  (Netflix)
A mosh pit of great actors (O'Toole, Gielgud, Burton) deliver one of the great stage-to-screen adaptations.

The Stunt Man (Hulu +)
A great mid-career role & one of the finest 'Hollywood' movies.  O'Toole shines as a Mephistopheles-ish director exploiting an on-the-run Steve Railsback, who more than holds his own.

The Last Emperor (Netflix)
Fine work in a smaller role, and a visually ravishing film.

The Ruling Class (Hulu +)
A profoundly strange film, another stage adaptation, with O'Toole portraying a deranged peer who fancies himself Jesus.

While I haven't seen it, here's a play he did at the Old Vic that's being passed around on Twitter, Jeffery Bernard is Unwell:

And as a bonus, O'Toole & Orson Wells consider 'Hamlet'.

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