Thanksgiving Aftermath

We slipped out of both town and family entanglements this year, opting to spend Thanksgiving with one of Tiner's childhood friends in her auld hometown of Ventura.

My smartphone nearly eliminated ARE WE THERE YET syndrome during a two hour drive through modest traffic, the up-side to electronic encroachment.

Fuss was a pleasant traveling companion, despite his pensive expression here.

Fuss posing for a Cure album cover

We met the twins her friend is adopting:

And we enjoyed this sunset at what must be one of the countries most scenic playgrounds, right on the water.

There was a catered dinner with her friend's mom, brother and some of his church friends.
Asked about her son's born again conversion to Christianity, the mother noted "He was born a Jew and he'll die a Jew...what he does in between is his own business."

Afterward we retreated to the hotel to open Hanukkah gifts and hang out together.

A pleasant day all 'round.

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