books: Amazon Seller Rating Inflation NAILED

I've griped here a few times about Amazon jiggering their 'star rating' system to accommodate the huge influx of FBA sellers who don't have no ufking idea what they're doing and piss off customers left and right.  Under the old system their crappy feedback would saddle them with 2-3 star ratings, which would be a huge advantage for sellers who know what they're doing and maintain a steady 98%+ approval rating.

Can't have that! God forbid sellers who sort and list by hand and pay close attention to condition & customer satisfaction get an edge on bar code dumpster divers who pitch everything in a crate bound for an Amazon fulfillment center & use the same condition listing & descriptions for all their stock.

Amazon's answer to the deplorable state of their FBA sellers?
Give everybody two free stars!

Like this:

Note the second seller.

0% postive feedback.
Two stars.

And the first seller benefits from grade inflation as well- back when 96% was 3.5 stars, now it's a full, happy five star rating.


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