The Ideal Flat Tire

I was running a bit late this morning, and while driving past the sewer construction zone at what was in retrospect an ill considered speed I BANG-ed over a sudden pothole, inflicting a flat tire on our poor, long suffering Jetta.

My programmed reaction to these situations is ranting and raving and berating myself.  

How could I be so STUPID, driving too FAST and not avoiding the pothole, and the car needs all new tires ANYWAY, and if I'd gotten the TIRES this wouldn't have happened, and if I hadn't woken Fuss up to say goodbye I wouldn't have been LATE, then I wouldn't have been driving so FAST blarghaeldhldhwndruuugh!

After this initial gusher of bile, I paused to take stock.

Well, after years of holding out I'd finally gotten a cell phone, so that's one major annoyance sorted.
The timing of the tire's expiration allowed me to pull off into the parking lot of the nature walk at the edge of town, rather than onto the shoulder of the super busy commuter artery I'd been coursing down.
And we have AAA, my reaction to a childhood spent in a succession of $200 junkers which were perpetually expiring any time we ventured beyond the city limits.

Take a deep breath, call the Tiner to come swap cars with me, and take a stroll down the path leading to this vista:

Definitely a half full glass.

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