fuss: preschool calling

So it looks like he's heading to preschool tomorrow morning.
Yes, abrupt!

The Wife was dealing with this program and jumping through hoops and doing paperwork for what seemed like months, only to have the gal tell us at the last minute- literally the last minute, we'd had the home visit, met with the teacher, he was supposed to be ready to start the next day- that he needed some battery of shots that there was no possible way he could get before the registration deadline.  So the Wife got understandably pissed, chewed out the gal for misleading us and blew the whole thing off.

Which was fine.  Until he decides he wants to stop pooping in a diaper and go in the potty our options are limited, so keeping on how we were keeping on was okay.

But then the gal called back out of the blue and said she'd gotten him a waiver, but he had to start TOMORROW.  She sucks, but the Wife liked the teacher and that's who Fuss will be dealing with so we're giving it a shot.

If he like it great, if he doesn't we won't make him keep going.
But being how he is and where he's at I have a feeling he'll like it....

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