fuss: well THAT sucked

So, first day of pre-school.

Of course he chose this morning to be delightful and loving, casting the monstrous actions of his hate-filled parents in stark relief, as they tore him from the warm bosom of his home only to abandon him in a temporary classroom full of strangers.

He liked the space- lots of new stuff to check out, but he wasn't down with sitting down and having breakfast with everyone when there was all this new stuff to check out.  We've adopted a flexible parenting style in order to stay sane, giving him as much free reign as he can safely use.  It works fairly well for our needs, but now he's in a more structured environment and I'm wondering how he'll acclimate.

Actually I know he'll be fine- all this drama is mostly about the hangups and problems of his parents, neither of whom had what you'd call a good home life or positive school experiences growing up.  The fuss he made this morning was about the same as the fuss he'd make if you were trying to put his shoes on when he wanted to be barefoot, or getting him off the playground when he wanted to keep swinging.
He's being himself.

What's different is our perspective, introducing him to this other world which we experienced as mostly inimical in our own childhoods.

We'll see.  Today's a test drive- if he doesn't like it, he doesn't have to go.
I expect he'll love it.

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