books: Find of the Day (w/ chromolithographs!)

Sorting the bins in a rather desultory fashion this morning I unearthed this fat oddity down near the bottom:

There's no useful information in a turn of the century health book, but lately there's been a surge in demand for books that look how people imagine a book ought to look, content be damned, so I grabbed it.  Abiding by the unwritten rules of scrounging I dropped it in my box without another thought and kept digging.

After I'd finished I sorted out my boxes- checking the look-ups, giving questionable books a closer inspection, flipping through looking for condition issues.  I arrived at this behemoth, flipped it open, and....

Anatomical chromolithograph...oh yeah.
But wait, what's this?

Yep....it's got every organ on a flap and they unfold all the way down to the spine.

There are a few more chromos scattered throughout, although not as scintillating as this one, plus some cool b&w illustrations.

A pleasant confirmation of the "buy anything that looks cool because you just never know" rule.

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woodyb3 said...

Pop up book for the budding surgeon