fuss: spirits

I wandered out a bit late this morning (8:30) and found Fuss ensconsed on the couch with a bright yellow Starburst candy in his hand.  He extended it to me on an open palm with his most impish smile, mouth wide, nearly transparent eyebrows raised high, then swiftly popped it into his mouth.

Later, playing with his new Shark Ship on the floor, we had this exchange.

"Dada, did you know in the middle of the night SPIRITS come and make a mess?"
"Oh, they do?  Are you sure it's not just mama & dada?"
"No, it's SPIRITS.  And you know why I ate the Starburst this morning?"
"Because I didn't want the SPIRITS to eat it!"

He found the instructions for the Shark Ship somewhere and lectured me on the importance of following instructions, while I put up an argument in favor of personal interpretation and creativity he dismissed thusly:

"Dada, we don't want to build it WRONG!"

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