fuss: Grownups Say the Darndest Things

Doing a Target Run with Fuss the other evening, we ended up splitting a cheese pizza and Bear Drink (aka Icee) at the food court, Fuss surgically removing all non-crust surface area before passing the bones of the slice on to dada & constructing elaborate castles of blue slush with straw drips while I watched the hulking security guy at the door demographically profile shoppers.  He had no noticeable racial animus, but firmly believed only poor people needed their carts checked.

Eventually we finished our small meal and headed for the door with Fuss riding in the cart basket along with our purchases.  As we passed the security guy a well turned out older lady grabbing a cart nearby barked at him in a cigarette voice "That kids' gonna have your job someday!"

I'm not sure who she was trying to insult, or what she thought she was saying, but I shared a "What the fuck?" look with the security guy as he waved us through.

Hopefully he overcame his class bias and checked her bags on the way out.

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