Another year, another splendid spook soirée at Neal & Patti's.
Pictures are on Facebook, which isn't ideal but they don't for $25 every 12 months like Flickr- friend me for a peek, if you haven't already.

As the one night in this post-Fuss era I allow myself to guzzle booze with youthful abandon, it casts an outsize shadow down the length of my year.  For the other three hundred and sixty four days I restrict myself to tipsy, with a judicious handful of forays into the land of mild inebriation- he's enough to deal with at peak efficiency and even a minor wobble imparted by a few glasses of wine with dinner can lead to things spinning out of control.  Posit the stunning power of the morning after an unabashed all night drunk and you're opening the gates of Rome to the Vandals then stumbling back to bed with a cold compress amidst forlorn hopes that they'll behave.

This year witnessed the realization of perhaps my favorite costume of all time: Deep Sea Jellyfish, inspired by an idea gleaned from Martha Stewart Living's Halloween issue,  Fuss' favorite seasonal publication.  It involved a clear dome umbrella, white duct tape, lots of artfully deconstructed bubble wrap and my personal addition, several strobing rave rings & fiber optic hair clips hung amidst the clumps and strands of bubble wrap.  Dress all in white for thematic camouflage and voila!

It was a smashing conceptual and artistic success, with the added bonus of being exceptionally dance floor friendly- I could either leave it out in the yard for a bit, or bring it indoors and play 'one man rave' with the portable light show.

A magnificent evening, well worth the aftermath.
I'm already counting down to next year, Nightmare Before Christmas style:

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