books: awful 70's poetry

For my sins I am having to sort through a large box of 70's poetry.  I've already scattered a few titles onto the waters of Twitter, but 140 characters wasn't enough to deliver the full impact of this one.

The Saga of King Trickard by one Frank Campbell Austin.

The title served its purpose of sparking my curiosity, sparks swiftly extinguished by what must be one of the least appealing flyleaf blurbs of my long experience:

Out of the Watergate scandal comes Frank Campbell Austin's brilliantly scathing satire in in folk-song form, The Saga of King Trickard, to deal with the exploits of the fallen leader and his henchmen.....The dictionary defines 'satire' as a literary work in which vices, follies, stupidities, abuses, etc are held up to ridicule and contempt via sarcasm, irony and similar devices."

Yeah, they went there.

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