fuss: the ghost clue

Headed to a park after picking Fuss up from school, where we ended up (as usual) playing a very involved game of his devising.

It began with a rain-beaded slide, where Fuss amused himself by stomping on the top and watching drips roll down the length of the thing to pool at the bottom.  After a while of this, we noticed that one of the puddles had collected in the form of a three-toed paw.

"Dada, look...it's a CLUE!" he shouted, because we'd been watching Blue's Clues.

So we were off on a modified version, where Fuss would have me draw pawprints in various places around the park for him to discover.  We were supposed to find an ever elevating number, first three, then five, then fifteen.  Our quest led to the discovery of a new sort of paw print, known as "The Invisible Clue", which was only found on the play structure and made an odd crunching sound when stepped on.

The next permutation was the Ghost Clue, which flipped the usual clue-finding script by pursuing *us* around the park.  We tried escaping on a ship....but ghosts float.  We tried escaping by climbing...but ghosts can fly.  We found one spot Fuss referred to as "home" that was defended by an elaborate system of "laser walls" and windows that you could fill up with falling bricks by pulling a string.  This worked well for a while, but eventually the wily Ghost Clue figured out a way to infiltrate and we were forced to flee on foot. Finally, after a lengthy chase, we baited the swings with honey (which looked suspiciously like dried grass) and trapped it in a sand circle.

We then embarked on a (successful) quest for puddles, which led inexorably homeward for a dry change of clothes.

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