fuss: Fireplaces

Discussing a fireplace on the oddball Polish/Finnish stop-motion cartoon Fuss is currently obsessed with.

"Dada, I'd love to have a fireplace so we could be all cozy-wozy!"

"I would too-maybe we can get one someday."

"Uh, dada...that would be a LOT of work."

"Howcome, Fuss?

"Well, you'd have to shove a hole in the wall to put the fireplace in.  And you know what you'd have to saw from a tree?"

"No, what?"

"WOOD.  And then I think when it's Christmas, you know what they do?  They have to shove it in the side."

He lost intrest in the digression and returned to watching his show, leaving me utterly in the dark about what 'shove it in the side' means.

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That Which is I said...

Loved the Moomintroll books when I was a kid.