fuss: this is called the FLOWER BED

After a generally challenging previous week we had a great time together this morning.
First he wanted to finish watching the musical Scrooge starring Albert Finney as the titular miser.  I brought him a bowl of cottage cheese & spread a bath towel out on the couch at his insistence ("so I don't drop anything").

I sat down with my coffee and he provided a running commentary.

"Dada, that's the little boy who stole his HAT!  OOoh, here comes the GHOST with NO HEAD! Dada, those stalactites are made out of LAVA!  Wow that's a GIANT CHICKEN isn't it!"

Afterward he wanted me to watch him jump on Devra's bed, which was convenient as I had a box of freshly listed books to shelve.

"Dada, I'm going to bring blue buenie."

So we navigate the back deck to the sunroom, he scrambles onto the bed and spreads out his buenie and proceeds to extrapolate a fairly involved game while I shelve.  Important note:  Blue Buenie is flannel with animals and trees on one side, white polka dots on a blue field on the other and edged with blue satin ribbon.
I'll condense the rambling half hour of back and forth down to a digestible biscuit size.

"Dada, did you know this buenie is a JUNGLE buenie on this side?  And when I jump into it, I get TEENSY WEENSIE and I'm in a jungle!  And on the other side, it's an ICICLE buenie!  Not snow, just ICE.  And this white boof* over here is a SNOW boof.  And SNOW GOPHERS live in it, but you can't see them....expect their PUFFY TAILS are brown, and you can grab them by it!  And do you know what this bed is called?  It's called The Bed of Flowers."

At this he stuffed his face into the snow boof, clawing at it with his hands.

"Dada LOOK, I caught two Snow Gophers!  I'm going to drop them into the jungle!"

This went on for a while, him catching varying numbers of Snow Gophers and dropping them into the jungle while I kept a running count, an organic lesson in addition.

"Dada, the tiger is SMILING at them, I think they're friends!"

At some point he jumped into the jungle buenie and instructed me that I couldn't hear him very well because he had gotten so small.  So he would say something which I had to misinterpret in rhyme, then he would correct me in a slightly louder voice, a back and forth that went on until he was nearly yelling at which point I'd suddenly be able to understand.

I finished with my shelving and told him I had to go back in the living room to finish packing orders, and he arranged an airlift for all the displaced snow gophers- he shook out the Jungle Buenie into a cardboard box and carried them all into the living room.

Oh, and also this morning I caught him peeing off the deck.

I walked up and gazed over the railing at the fairly impressive splash pattern (which had happily missed the clothes drying on our fold out rack).
"Did you just pee on Meek's patio?" I asked.
"No, I didn't do that!" he stated indignantly.
"Well, where did all that pee come from then?"
"Uh....I don't know?"
"It must have been the Ghost of Christmas Past then."

* 'boof': any large, puffy bedspread- down comforters, quilts, etc.

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