While my FB friends assure me that unpleasant weather continues apace in other regions, here on the scenic Central Coast we're currently enjoying placid blue skies, gentle ocean breezes and perfect 77ยบ temperatures.

What else to do but hit the beach?

No photos of the perfect day, alas- we're still a camera free household.
But we have those impressionistic, patchy sunburns to prove our tale, the ones you get by applying sunscreen to your own body and missing weird little finger-width stripes, and in my case entire body parts (like feet).

Fuss was STOKED out of his mind to be at the beach- I guess it had been a while.
Kids change so fast that you quite often find yourself operating with an obsolete rulebook- in this case, the book read no going to the beach, because he'll want to charge headlong into the surf and scream bloody murder at you for preventing him.  But that was from last summer.  Yesterday he was ecstatic to just race around in the shallows, jumping over little waves and running away from big ones.  He only face planted once, and walked it off after a quick brush-down from dada.

But as the sands of time invalidates cover older entries in the rule book, new ones are revealed.
While he no longer charges the ocean like a deranged surfer who's spent the last five years living in a trailer in the Mojave, once he gets in he doesn't want to get out.

My favorite bit was at the end.
We'd been there going on four hours, our snacks and drinks were exhausted & Fuss had been out in the water for all but 20 odd minutes. He was standing next to me knee deep, lips blue, shivering like an arctic explorer.

I mentioned it was time to head in and go get lunch.
"NO, DADA!" he yelled.
"Fuss, you're freezing!" I replied.
"Uh, dada, I'm not COLD, I'm just shivering because I'm standing here like a STATUE."

That's my boy!

I ended up just throwing him over my shoulder and carrying him to the car like a sack of laundry.

The capstone of our day was a jaunt down the road to Taco Temple, where he was a perfect angel.
Their consistency isn't what it used to be, but on this visit the Wife's salmon taco was perfect and my chorizo clam steamers were a bullseye.  Fuss devoured his side of rice & cheese like, well, a little boy who had spent all day chasing waves.

Thanks, Global Warming!

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