St. Patrick's Day Postmortem

It was an absolute bacchanal from my perspective, and as my perspective consisted of driving to work and selling books all day that should tell you something.  I didn't realize it was St Patrick's until I most of the way through my cold, rainy commute to the store, wondering why there were two people leaning up against the light post by the Taco Bell making out.  The shirtless dude with the green-dyed mohawk finally tipped me off - alcohol was the only explanation for his strange fortitude in the face of the elements, St. Patrick for the hue of his tonsorial plumage.

It may take me a while to combine 2 and 2, but I eventually get there.

I should have taken notes but didn't.
Happily , a Chicago cabby cast an acute eye on the holiday shenanigans in his town and posted the results for the enjoyment of all.

A link well worth savoring in full, but this was my favorite bit-

After they’ve gotten out of the cab a man announces to his wife, “I’ve gotta hump this cab one time tonight,” then proceeds to do just that, rubbing himself against left rear corner of my Scion. Hope she didn’t marry him for his sense of humor.
It's like taking every one of my problem customers for an entire month and trash-compacting them into a single evening.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite line, "A girl on Fullerton hurls so hard she loses her shoe and bangs her head into the side of a parked car," thanks for sharing that. I stuck close to home on St. Patrick's Day and didn't even imbibe... must be getting old. I did go up to the City on Sunday and get my coffee on, though, at Sight Glass.