RIP Moebius

Comic visionary & co-founder of Heavy Metal.

I loved comics for my entire childhood, newstand superhero stuff.  Before the whole 'direct distribution' explosion and comic shop boom my options were limited to whatever showed up on the wire spinner rack at the corner convenience store.  When I was feeling brave, or the cashier was otherwise occupied, I'd sidle over to the 'grown up' magazines and furtively leaf through the current issue of Heavy Metal.  The two artists who made an impression were Richard Corben & Moebius.  Corben drew lots of buxom naked ladies.  A Moebius story was like finding a door into an alternate dimension.

I haven't read comics in a serious way for a decade plus, but looking at his work with an adult eye I see his massive influence on creators I love like Geof Darrow &  Hayao Miyazaki. not to mention much of the visual vernacular of contemporary cinematic SF.

RIP to a giant of the field.

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