Twitter's Greatest Moment: GOP Debate Style

I wouldn't watch a GOP debate if I were paid in Apple stock & hand-fed ambrosia from a cup of beaten gold by the Cherubim the entire time, but I have taken to obsessively checking Twitter for what has been, hands down, the funniest running commentary ever.  Patton Oswalt, Rob Delaney, all the comedians I follow are unstoppable on this subject.

So it feels strange to award BEST GOP DEBATE TWEET EVER to Warren Ellis- not the guy from indie legends the Dirty Three, Warren Ellis the comic book writer and novelist.

This made me snort Pellegrino out my nose:

 Warren Ellis 

Give this pair of whining old men a couple of blunt butter knives and let 'em fight like the brain-damaged bums they are. 

And, moments later-

 Warren Ellis 

Santorum is getting awfully red-faced and incoherent. God, what if he's about to come?

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