Dressing for work this morning I found myself  mulling potential New Year's Resolutions. While cinching my belt down to the last hole it dawned on me I'd dropped a full pant size over the holidays, an uncanny result given the minefield of culinary delights to be navigated. Confronted with this prodigy the parade of contending resolutions imploded sequentially, like hung over vampires confusing their coffins for tanning beds.

2012 will be the reign of the New Year's PRE-solution.

I haven't been dieting in the traditional sense-  I'm a stress eater and Fuss is walking motivation to stuff my pie-hole with whatever's at hand, the longer and more unpronounceable the ingredient list the better.  But I have made a conscious effort to improve the quality of what's at hand.  Lots of big batch cooking so the fridge is well stocked, lots of whole grains, fruits & vegetables, no processed junk.  

The ability to satisfy psychosomatic hunger pangs with something home cooked and healthful rather than toxic waste in corporate snack food form has yielded unexpectedly dramatic benefits.  And it's not a you can eat as much grapefruit and steamed broccoli as you want! deals.  I'm only making stuff that sounds delicious.  The benefit doesn't come from rationing, which has never worked for me anyway, but from cooking at home using quality whole foods.

The renewed emphasis on the kitchen should yield more food posts in the coming year- balm for some, misery for others.  Such is the Mayan afterlife, dear readers- roll with it!


Meg Nilson said...

yeah, but you're one of those "I just stopped drinking soda and dropped a trillion pounds without ever getting my heart rate above resting" assholes.

baxie said...