The Joy of Whole Grains

I've been on a 'not quite' diet lately, and while we don't own a scale the breeze through the holes in my cinched tight belt whistle a merry tune.  I haven't altered my rate of consumption one jot, haven't sworn off anything, haven't bought any low calorie cookbooks.  The only change has been making a commitment to whole grains & vegetables.  So, brown rice instead of white, salads with (nearly) every meal, & experiments like last week's  crock pot full of garbanzo beans & kale.

It easy, it works, and it's cheap!

Eating this stuff is kinda like cooking at home- there's a rhythm to it, once you get dialed in it's simple to keep it going.  I prep, clean & chop up a bunch of salad stuff at once & keep it bagged in the fridge.  I've also been trying to keep one crock pot ahead of the meal curve, so when we run out of salsa chicken there's turkey thigh & hominy chili waiting.  Vegetables are really simple to make a meal out of- saute up whatever you've got, pile it on top of a bowl of brown rice and voila, dinner!  

I've  finally come to terms with the reality that whatever my good intentions I will end up stress-eating a big pile of something nearly every night....and if you had my kid you'd do the same, so wipe that superior smile off yer grill!  And if there's junk around, I'll eat the ass out of it.  But what I've discovered over the past few months is if there isn't junk around....I don't miss it.

Good to know, and hey it only took me 40 years to figure out!  =P

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