Daily Routine

Up at the usual 7am. Cleaned the kitchen while Fuss indulged his current obsession, The Bird Game. Rousted him to help me make pancake batter, fed him a banana & a bowl of cottage cheese for breakfast. Played Bird Game with him for a while- he doesn't care much about completing the game objectives, he invents his own- "Dada, let's get that SKELETON!" and "Dada, look- A FLOATING PIGGY! Let's GET him!"

Make the pancakes & a pile of Morningstar Farms soy bacon. I love the real thing, but I also like their Fakeon and we're on a mini-health kick lately. Fuss was less sanguine- he wandered in, saw it on the plate, yelled "BACON!", grabbed a piece, then gave me a confused face.
"Dada...what's this?"
"That's Soy Bacon.  It's yummy!"
"Uh....Dada.  It's YUCKY!", dropping it back on the plate like a dirty sock.

Made coffee, made tea, got out the breakfast tray and served the Wife in bed. Had a leisurely time until Fuss crashed the party. Went back out for a bit of Bird Game, then snuck away to clean the kitchen and do some laundry. The Wife fell back to sleep. Did housework for a while, woke her up in time for therapy at noon.

Made lunch for Fuss in the clean kitchen, then had him help me do another load of laundry. Cleaned the bathroom. Did the dishes. Put away clothes.

Wife came home. While trying to get Fuss dressed for an outing, he started acting tired. Returned to the bedroom 10 minutes later, was greeted by this scene:

Time to do more laundry!

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