Randy Speaks: Short Trip

He entered in a frenzy and paced back and forth by the new arrivals several times, delivering this bon mot:

Don't follow too close behind someone having a conversation with themselves on the street. it messes up your mind. I realize with me it's a short trip...

He drifted over to the art section and had this conversation with himself.

FOUR BUCKS! Incredible! Naturally I don't have my money with me, except for a couple of dollars. Utrello was the illegitimate son of a lady painter called Valladin- he's pretty wild. He isn't super talented, but there's quite a legend around him. He'd get really drunk and stoned on hashish, the police had a cell set up with an easel and paints, they'd throw him in and let him paint until he sobered up. There wasn't an ounce of harm in him. I think he was really messed up because he never knew his dad...or something. *quoting from book* "a young, half mad alcoholic" No kidding! He had a grip on reality....sort of surprising. He did his level best! And his best wasn't bad.

A bit later, standing near the counter.

UUUUUUUUUUUUURT! UUUUUUUURT! Could you turn this into a five and some singles? I thought I didn't have any money! I must have though I was wearing my other coat. Goodie! Now I can buy books! Well, one book anyway.

Can I have the receipt? I eventually have to account for my purchases. I have to be able to prove that I didn't go down to Santa Maria to buy a clown suit, with big red floppy shoes and a red rubber nose and a little car to go out on the street and recruit other clowns! That wasn't me! They're just not gonna believe me!

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Simon said...

Sometimes the stuff he says is frighteningly insightful, and sometimes it's just straight batshit. Even split.