A Fantastic Movie Poster Archive: Film on Paper

Film on Paper, the chronicle of the authors 17 year obsession with collecting movie posters.

- At launch there are 1494 posters represented with their own individual pages and a total of 12,080 images attached to them.
- These pages represent approximately 950 individual films (exact figure to be confirmed)
- All the photographs were taken by me and in total over 2 terabytes of images were captured before they were curated.
- Every single image was manually tweaked (lens correction, cropping, white-balance corrected etc) using Adobe Lightroom. No batch-processing here!
- In total I have spent well over 1000 hours preparing the site for launch

This is one of the fundamental beauties of the internet, lending a platform to the passionate. I knew even before clicking around it would be amazing- nobody would invest that kind of time and energy to show off a less than spectacularly unique archive. Also, as any bookseller can tell you, genuinely engaged collectors inevitably turn up amazing stuff you never knew existed.

Here's a couple of my favorites:

The Japanese Shaft

This ridiculously cool UK Bladerunner, along with many other iterations.

Clockwork Orange, Japan Style...and more Stanley Kubrick posters.

An amazing collection that a few cherry picked images cannot do justice- click on over and check it out.

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