Adios, Democratic party

So this primary thing is at a rolling boil, with the likeliest conclusion remaining unchanged- Candidate Clinton.  Also unchanged is my low opinion of HRC and belief that she's a weak candidate with bad judgement who will make a poor president.  She'll beat Trump thanks to inexorable demographic change undermining the efficiency of running explicitly racist, xenophobic national campaigns, but is also the embodiment of a political dead end I was hoping we could back out of instead of pitching our empties out the window, stomping on the gas and crossing our fingers that the airbags deploy.

Ah well, c'est la vie!

This all has hipped me to the fact that I'm no longer a Democrat.  Once you reach the conclusion that capitalism is the root of most evil you're at an impasse with our two political parties.  Not that they're the same, but that both serve capital above all and everything else is cosmetic.  Bernie is no kind of actual revolutionary but his funding model has let him go off script, bringing up solutions that are standard in European democracies but verboten here- single payer healthcare, subsidized college education, curbs on the excesses of the free market.

The official Democratic reaction to these commonsense proposals has been....illuminating.
But I guess not surprising in a world where the head of the DNC recently went to war for payday lenders.

So, barring some kind of sharply leftward course correction, I'm out. I'll vote defensively in national elections- however debilitating her flaws HRC picking 3-4 new Supreme Court justices is preferable to Trump throwing knives at a gallery of Scalia wannabes vetted by the Heritage Foundation- but I'll be doing it as an unaffiliated voter until a viable Socialist party comes along.

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