Our First White President

Pick up Fuss from school and on the way home we had a short political discussion.

Dada, who are you voting for for president?
Well, in the primary I've voting for Bernie Sanders, and then in the actual election I'm voting for whoever is the Democratic nominee.

Then I had to explain a bit about primaries and whatnot.

Dada, is Trump a Republican?
Yah, he is. Who are you going to vote for?
I'm voting for Hillary.
Oh? How come?
Because, because she's the first woman president.
Dada, can you believe that whoever is president will be the FIRST?
Yes.  Hillary will be the first Woman president, and Trump would be the first white President!

I paused, mouth open for an emphatic correction.
And then realized he's right, because the only president he's ever known is Obama.

That's true, Fuss, he'd be the first white president you've ever had.

Fuss nodded and went back to eating Cheeze Its.

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