Fuss on the Beach

It's been a while, maybe the longest posting gap in blog history.

Things still happen, but I'm lazy and the incidents and reports and observations end up on whatever social media platform presents the least friction- FB is a wasteland of advertising where privacy goes to die, but it lets me post pictures from my phone with one click, so.......*shrug*

But there are still a few digital hermits who aren't on Facebook and don't use Twitter, and (shockingly) some of them are my friends.  So I'm rallying and posting something longer than a paragraph here, with pictures, lest the next time they see Fuss he's graduating from college.

Yesterday I finally extracted him from the house yesterday to do errands and driving home he amazed me by agreeing to my suggestion we take a walk along the bluffs.  Well, 'agree' is a bit strong.  He did eventually got out of the car and follow me, which is the Fussverse equivalent of throwing a parade of support.

Actual discussion of the topic went something like

me: Before we go home let's take a walk on the beach.
Fuss: NOOOOoooooooooooo! 
me: Come on, we need some exercise.
me: Oh really.
Fuss:  Yes.  Do you know why?
me: why?
Fuss: Because it makes my BUTT burn.
me: Hmm!

The tide was really low and it was overcast, but with a weird glow that made me wish I'd brought my good camera.    He asked if we go to "our little spot", which is little inlet off the path with a steep but manageable descent.  There are a few little tidepools, one big, gross one that's totally green because it only gets flushed out during big storms and a blowhole that sprays huge plumes of water when conditions are right.

We threw rocks, looked at crabs, climbed around, and Fuss noted a drum-like bass note coming from the blowhole.  With the tide out the wave surge was 'playing' it and making some impressive noises.  We worked our way over for a closer listen, and Fuss found out that if a 'big' wave came (very relative- it was about as flat and calm as it ever gets) a blast of air would shoot out of the hole.
It was a terrific photo op, which my shitty cell phone camera turned into two decent pics and a bunch of garbage:

I also spotted a really cool sea anemone:

The tide eventually came in far enough that I pulled us back across the land bridge, where Fuss busied himself digging stones out of the bluff face and I sat on the rocks watching pelicans skim past, wingtips brushing the sea.

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