The UCSB shooter killed one of our regulars

I was following the UCSB massacre in a detached way, noting how NPR's broadcast was treating it like a train derailment or tornado hitting a trailer park, just another natural disaster, watching the MRA and PUA communities scrub all of the alleged killer's posts from their forums and web sites, shaking my head at all the now-predictable post mass murder deflection and defensiveness from gun lovers.

Like watching an ant colony- all the workers behind the glass following their well worn paths, doing their assigned tasks.

Then I clicked this link and tumbled down an elevator shaft.

Richard Martinez has been a shop regular for many years.
I sold him a Philip Roth book a few weeks back.
His son Christopher was with him more often than not, one of the kids I watched grow up in time lapse, seeing them once or twice a month, long enough to think "how do they grow so fast?"  They you don't see them for a while and hear they've gone off to college, but still come back for holidays and summer vacations.

The bones of America are riddled with the gun sickness. As massacred children continue piling up we can't muster up the pretense anything will change, or that we'll try an approach other than open carry everywhere, and extra guns in churches and bars.

Seven more kids gunned down.
Business as usual.

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