books: New, for a change

Well, that's this week's reading sorted.

I've been reading Titus Crow by Brian Lumley lately, an engaging Lovecraft pastiche that got me in the mood for more of the same.  One of my Twitter follows is Johnathan Coulthart, the artist on the Lovecraft anthology, and when he posted a review link I was sold.  Karl Edward Wagner, Joe R. Lansdale, Kim Newman...it's a strong lineup.

While I was poking around for other Lovecraftiana I ran across the Clark Ashton Smith collection.  He was greatly respected by Lovecraft, a guy I've only read snippets of in this or that horror anthology.  So, I picked it up.

In my biz I see thousands of books a week, but there is some stuff that you just don't see.  The most common books in the used realm are the ones that were printed in the millions- niche stuff like this, by authors that inspire covetousness in their devoted fans, we just don't see.

I always get a little charge out of buying new books...it feels a tinge transgressive.  I can pull two boxes of stuff out of the bins for what these two individual volumes set me back....but the chances of finding either of these at a thrift store, or even having them come in over the counter, are near zero.

Onto the endtable with them, and we'll see how they fare.

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