true customer tales: last day of the year

An older gal came up looking for Son of a Witch.  As I guided her to the appropriate spot on the shelf, she said

"Oh, I already looked there."
"That's where we'd put it."
"But if it wasn't there, where would it be?"
"....that's the only place we'd shelve it."
"So you just don't have it?"
"Looks that way!"

It's been a few months since Chicken Hat Lady paid a visit, but she ambled in today minus her metal cart and drunk as a lord.  Ten muttering minutes at the sale cart and she had a stack of quarter books ready to go.

"Mmmm I don't have my CART today so can I buy some plastic bags off you?  Fifty cents or whatever it is, I'll PAY for 'em!"

I rang her up and divided the books between two bags.

"Two dollars and seventy cents for two plastic bags, THAT'S A GOOD DEAL these days."

A guy's been up in the history loft for a good hour and a half, taking pictures of books with his phone.
I'm resisting the urge to call up "remember to figure in the $3.99 shipping!"

Someone left a pair of hot pink earbuds in the psych section.

A slack-jawed, crew cut fellow in a Metallica tee shirt came up to the counter and asked where our books on meditation were.  I showed him, and he bought one.

I spotted Smelly Santa browsing the sale cart, although he didn't come in.  I'm glad he didn't suffer any ill effects from his fall....but I'm also happy he stayed outside.

If his tumble instilled a superstitious dread of entering the shop, what a fine new year it will be!

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