Pecan Pie Pringle Alternatives aka CHRISTMAS SPIRIT IN A CAN

While searching for holiday cheer yesterday I instead happened upon these:

Unsurprisingly, they returned to me in the pre-dawn hours like some nagging Ghost of Bowel Movements Yet To Come, but brought no visions of sugarplums.  Rather, they delivered a bevy of other misguided chip flavors to mosh about in my head keeping me awake until morning.

So, Pringles, allow me to share my limited time only suggestions for next Christmas' chips:


Reindeer Trough

Xtreme Holidaze Pumpkin Spice 

Elf Sick

Santa's Wig

Gingerbread Krunk

Peppermint Polar Fleece

Tree Stand Water

Snowman Vomitorium  

Grandma's Dusty Candy Bowl

Tonsil Balls

Claus Ennui

They can also be re-gifted as names for season heavy metal bands.

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