Fearnet's Best Horror of 2013 on Neflix Streaming

Having a child & a wife who reacts to horror films like Frankenstein to a lit torch has put a damper on my viewing.  But I still appreciate the genre and the burgeoning supply of top notch modern indie horror would have spoiled my younger self for choice.

I ran across this 'best of 2013' list on Facebook, which tipped me to the fact that Stoker, which I'd assumed was some galumphing big studio re-heat, was directed by Chan Wook Park.  And I missed it!  Bah!

That one isn't on streaming (yet), but several other members of the list are available.
While I haven't seen them, here are the details, which fellow horror lovers with less constrained home lives are urged to check out.

Cold turkey rehab at a secluded cabin imposed by your estranged friend?
What could possibly go wrong!

I'm prejudiced here because the original Maniac was one of my 80's splatter touchstones, with an over the top performance by Joe Spinell that I can't imagine Elijah Wood (!?!) recreating.  But maybe you've never seen the original, or maybe I'm wrong and Elijah owns the role?
Whatever, the price is right- check it out and let me know!

American Mary
Medical student resorting to underground body modification surgery to pay off school debt?
Now that's a timely setup for a horror flick!

V/H/S 2
I thought the American remake of The Ring was pushing the chronological envelope with it's 'possessed vhs tape' back in 2002...eleven years later, shouldn't evil have upgraded to D/V/D?

Ah well, it's an anthology flick, so there's bound to be a good segment in there somewhere.
And the first one is also available, so you can make it a double feature.

Berberian Sound Studio
As a big fan of Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci & the like back in the day, all you have to say to get me on board is 'giallo homage'.  Milquetoast sound engineer signs on for high profile Italian horror flick & things start getting weird?
Excuse me while I go add this one to my queue....

And as a bonus, while they haven't got Park's Stoker they *do* have his exellent Korean vampire opus Thirst.  Not 2013, but an excellent vintage nonetheless.

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